Demerger of Polarteknik Oy pneumatics business – new company Pimatic Oy to start on 1.1.2019

Polarteknik Oy de-mergers in a partial demerger its Pneumatic business operation to create an independent company. A new company, Pimatic Oy starts to operate on January 1, 2019 with focus on applied pneumatics and low- pressure hydraulics.

Polarteknik Oy:n pneumatiikkaliiketoiminnan osittaisjakautuminen – Pimatic Oy aloittaa 1.1.2019

Polarteknik Oy eriyttää osittaisjakautumisella pneumatiikkaliiketoimintansa omaksi yhtiökseen. Pneumatiikkaan keskittyvä yhtiö aloittaa toimintansa 1.1.2019 nimellä Pimatic Oy. Tarkoituksena on tarjota asiakkaille entistä tehokkaampia ja lisäarvoa tuottavia pneumatiikkaratkaisuja ja palveluita.

Case: Valmet

Valmet paper machines aim to provide a high quality and performance for the pulp, paper, board and tissue mills around the world. As part of this, the smooth web runnability is ensured through a range of efficient fabric guide solutions – one among them is the pneumatic guide cylinder from Pimatic.

Case: Pensi Rescue

Pensi is a Finnish company specialized to meet the challenges of patient transportation. Based on specialized techology, Pensi enables the safe and ergonomic transfer of patients also in the stairways.

Case: VAK

Heavy-duty transportation machinery must withstand the constantly changing weather conditions around the year. Designed for professional use, VAK trailers are already a concept on highways in Finland and Sweden. The completely reconstructed VAK LK26-hooklift utilizes a pneumatic control unit from Pimatic.

Case: Exact Tools

Exact Tools pipe saws have taken the quality, safety and efficiency of pipe cutting to new heights. A pneumatic pipe saw based on Pimatic innovation is now revolutionizing the pipe cutting at water utilities.