Pimatic Oy acquires 100 % of the shares of Sovellusmestarit Oy

Pimatic, a subsidiary of Dacke Industri AB, has, by the 30th of December completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Sovellusmestarit Oy. The intention with the acquisition is to continue the exciting journey that Sovellusmestarit has started and with a clear ambition to further grow the business together. The acquisition is completely in line with Pimatic and Dacke Industri’s ambition to grow with companies that focus on their own products as well as customized components and systems.



In 2008, Mikko Rantanen founded Sovellusmestarit Oy after having worked almost 20 years in various functions in the fields of pneumatics and instrumentation. Today, Sovellusmestarit is a fast growing and constantly developing company that specializes in the fields of compressed air technology, instrumentation technology, and flow technology. Deep knowledge and long experience in the field of flow technology enable Sovellusmestarit to offer their customers the most cost-efficient solutions. The well-established supplier relationships guarantee high-quality products and competitiveness. All activities are strongly guided by customer-oriented productand concept development. Among companies that are manufacturing products for the oil-, gas-, process- and maritime industries, Sovellusmestarit Oy has reached and established a strong position as instrumentation solution planner, component supplier, and contract manufacturer.

Sovellusmestarit will be an important part of Pimatic Oy’s growth strategy going forward.


“Sovellusmestarit is widening Pimatics offering and will bring additional know-how for pneumatic applications. I think we are completing each other very well. The knowledge in the technology and strengths in customer relationships are of great value. I am really glad that the owner remains with us and we will continue to support our customer in the same way, or even better, than earlier” says Mika Virtanen, CEO Pimatic.


”I am pleased that Sovellusmestarit found a new owner in Pimatic. Their know-how and customer contacts will bring Sovellusmestarit continuity and a good future. This arrangement gives a good and a strongly interesting future for customers, suppliers, and employees together. I’m also very excited to continue as an employee after 13 years running the business as my own.” Says Mikko Rantanen, CEO of Sovellusmestarit.


For more information please contact:


Mika Virtanen
CEO Pimatic
Contact: +358 40 832 7583
Mikko Rantanen
CEO Sovellusmestarit
Contact: +358 40 061 0764
Lowe Fällmar
VP Acquisitions, Dacke Industri
Contact: +46 70 641 07 31


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