Creating new opportunities

The long history of strong expertise in the applied pneumatics makes Pimatic your enthusiastic and focused partner for developing pneumatic solutions. We work with an insight into your specific application.

We develop, manufacture, supply and service components, actuators and systems of applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics for the industry, mobile and transportation, energy and process, as well as for a variety of specific customer segment needs. Our goal is to help you enhance your product efficiency by offering innovative and powerful pneumatic solutions even for applications where other methods are not an option.

As our customer, you can always count on us understanding your needs. Our mission is to provide you with more added value through efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly pneumatic solutions and services. Should the required component not exist – we can make it for you – with our own R&D and manufacturing recourses, as well as based on our strong engineering capabilities. That is what we call creating new opportunities.