Solutions based on experience and cooperation

Our years of experience from various industries combined with our clients’ insights to their own business together lay the groundwork for developing high-quality, reliable pneumatic solutions.

Pneumatics offers excellent solution alternatives to the needs of several industries. The air used in pneumatics is clean and always available. User-friendly pneumatic products provide a safe energy solution to various applications.

A well-planned pneumatic solution can often overcome the limitations of electric or hydraulic solutions. Sometimes the optimal solution may require combining several technologies. Pimatic has both the expertise and the tools and techniques needed in these solutions.

All our work is based on close cooperation with our client. We understand the challenges in various industries, develop the optimal solution for each customer and seamlessly transfer the plans from product development to production.

Our innovative and customer-driven product development is at the core of our expertise. As experts, we get excited when challenged to find an optimal solution to a unique problem. We’re here to help you succeed.

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