Satu Rautavalta appointed new CEO of Pimatic Oy

Dacke Industri is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Satu Rautavalta as the new CEO of Pimatic Oy, effective April 1st, 2023.

Mika Virtanen, VP of Air Technology and Electromechanics, Dacke Industri will take over the role as Chairman of the Board in Pimatic, effective April 1st, 2023, after Lars Fredin, Group CEO of Dacke Industri.


For over ten years, Satu held leading positions as CEO and COO in various industries such as hydraulics, engineering and design, robotics and automation, wholesale, and retailers’ network, and more. She has a lengthy background within the manufacturing industry, with 25 years of work experience in sales and management positions.

Most recently, she came from Länsihydro Oy, where she was managing director. The company manufactures hydraulic cylinders and offers versatile services in the manufacturing, maintenance, and subcontracting of hydraulic machines and machine workshop services.


Satu Rautavalta, CEO of Pimatic Oy, said: “I am excited to join Pimatic to work in close cooperation with both the professional staff and the customers of Pimatic. I look forward to further developing Pimatic as a leading applied pneumatics solution provider.”


“I warmly welcome Satu as the CEO of Pimatic. She will bring solid industrial and automation expertise to the company. With her experience, the company will take the following steps for growth, and she, with the team, can develop the company to be the best workplace.

This change is an excellent step in the company’s journey. I am excited to be a part of this as the Chairman of Pimatic Oy and release my time to lead Air Technology and Electromechanics division at Dacke Industri.” Says Mika Virtanen, VP of Air Technology & Electromechanics and coming Pimatic Chairman of the Board.


“We are truly grateful for all the good work done by Mika to build a professional company with a great culture at Pimatic. Mika will ensure a smooth transition to Satu, allowing time for him to hand over his current responsibilities as CEO for Pimatic and now enter the role of Chairman of the Board and, and since November 2022, VP of Air Technology and Electromechanics. Satu is greatly welcome and the right person to continue the journey of Pimatic towards further development with strong growth and a clear strategy.” Says Lars Fredin, Group CEO at Dacke Industri and Chairman of Pimatic Oy.