Doctor blade oscillators

Compact pneumatic doctor blade oscillator for dry and wet end applications


  • Same product for both dry and wet end applications
  • Maintenance free life-time expectancy over 5 years
  • External parts in contact with ambient made of AISI316
  • Effective air cushioning system eliminates vibration and
    dwell of the doctor blade
  • Compact size and light weight
  • No lubrication needed
  • Adjustable speed and stroke length
  • Flexible mounting options

Compact Pneumatic Doctor Blade Oscillator brochure Download

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3d model of the product

Download product card (pdf)

Technical details

Thrust force

11 kN & 22 kN versions at 6 bar

Pressure range

2,5-10,0 bar

Ambient temperature range


Speed range

recommended number of back-and forth strokes
3…5 strokes/min

Stroke length

Factory set 16 mm,
adjustable range 10–16 mm in steps of 2 mm