Integrated solenoid valve – 7S series

7S Series


  • Centralized inlet/exhaust and single signal input -25pin/37pin D-Sub.
  • 2-position and 3-position solenoid valves can be installed on double controlled manifold at the same time without extra accessories.
  • Steady electrical signal transmission by transfer block, to reduce risk of wiring separately plus 50G shock resist through the test.
  • Assembly and expansion on the number of solenoid valves are flexible.
  • The manifold can be easily installed alone or installed with a DIN rail without extra accessories.
  • With manual override for easier installation and adjustment.
  • Low starting voltage and long life cycle.

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Technical details


Air (to be filtered by 40 µm filter element)


Single solenoid: 2 stations ~ 20 stations

Double solenoid: 3 stations ~ 20 stations

Electrical entry

Terminal, 25 pin D-Sub (Single control)

Terminal, 37 pin D-Sub (Double control)

Port size

7S0500: M5

7S100: 1/8″

7S200: 1/4″

Operating pressure

1,5-10,0 bar

Temperature range


Standard voltage

DC 24 V;
DC 12 V

Power consumption

DC: 0,9 W