Cylinders to turn doctor beam




  • Turnbuckle construction to position doctor blade precisely on a roll’s surface without unfastening a cylinder
  • Automated locking function at the end positions  as an option
  • Takes just one 5/2-valve to operate even with the lock

[canvasio3D width=”700″ height=”350″ border=”0″ borderCol=”#c8c8c8″ loadingText=”Loading 3D model ” dropShadow=”0″ backCol=”#FFFFFF” backImg=”…” mouse=”on” rollMode=”MouseOver” rollSpeedV=”0″ rollSpeedH=”0″ objPath=”” objScale=”2.2″ objColor=”#b3b3b3″ lightSet=”5″ reflection=”on” refVal=”5″ objShadow=”off” floor=”off” floorHeight=”32″ lightRotate=”off” vector=”off” mousewheel=”on” Help=”off”]Your browser does not support this 3d model [/canvasio3D]
3d model of the product

Download product card (pdf)

Technical details

Cylinder diameter

ø 100 mm and ø 125 mm, standard strokes 30, 50 and 100 mm

Eye distance adjustment

± 20mm

Custom strokes

available on request

Max. Temperature

+150°C (302 °F)

Locking force

20 kN exceeds max. thrust force


Available in aluminium and stainless steel