GAFR filter & regulator

GA Series filter & regulator


  • Pressure and flow balanced  pressure adjustment mechanism
  • The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can prevent the abnormal movement
    of the set pressure caused by external interfere
  • Unique diversion structure spins the air flowing through to effectively separate
    the liquid from the air and reliably filter the solid grain.
  • The filtering grade includes 40 μm and 5 μm (optional)
  • Two drain types are available: semi-auto drain and automatic drain.
  • Three material of bowl are available: PC, Nylon and metal.
  • In addition to panel installation, the bracket is optional for installation

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Technical details

Port size

GAFR200-06: 1/8″

GAFR200-08, GAFR300-08 & GAFR400-08: 1/4″

GAFR300-10, GAFR400-10: 3/8″

GAFR400-15: 1/2″

GAFR600-20: 3/4″

GAFR600-25: 1″

Filtering grade

40 μm and 5 μm

Pressure range

Output pressure 1,5-9,0 bar
Maximum supply pressure 10 bar


Body of filter-regulator – Aluminium alloy

Knob – POM

Seals – NBR

Springs – Steel (SWPB)

Drain bowl – Aluminium alloy\ PC\ Nylon