GPR Precision Regulator

GPR Series Precision Regulator


  • High pressure regulating accuracy
  • Fast response
  • Excellent pressure and flow chart
  • Can be mounted separately or combined with other units in GA series

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Technical details

Port size

GPR20006: 1/8″

GPR30008 & GPR40008: 1/4″

GPR40010: 3/8″

GPR40015: 1/2″

Max. supply pressure

10,0 bar (1,0 MPa)

Operating pressure

Lower pressure:
GPR20006 & GPR30008: 0,05-2,0 bar (0,005-0,2 MPa)
GPR40008, GPR40010 & GPR40015: 0,1-2,0 bar (0,01-0,2 MPa)

Medium pressure:
All: 0,1-4,0 bar (0,01-0,4 MPa)

High pressure:
All: 0,1-8,0 bar (0,01-0,8 MPa)


Within 0,2%F.S.


Within ±0,5%F.S.

Temperature range

-20-+70°C (Unfreeze)