Tipping valves


  • Output pressure proportional to the position of the lever
  • Spring centered or detent at one or at the both
    end positions
  • Electric switches integrated to the handle
  • Narrow construction – electric wire connected
    through the body
  • Easy-to-connect additional electric switch modules
    and pneumatic valve modules available
  • Several different handles available

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Technical details

Supply pressure range

2…10 bar

Ambient temperature range


Operating medium

Compressed air, filtration 20 μm, no lubrication is needed

Nominal flow

12 dm3/s

Connection port size



Body – Anodized aluminium
Internal valve parts – Brass
Springs – Stainless steel
Seals – NBR and PU
Gaiter – EPDM

Valve modules with four or six normally closed 3/2-valves.

Provides precise tipping speed control