A part of Dacke Industri

Pimatic is owned by Dacke Industri, which is a parent company of the
following businesses:


  • Arcos Hydraulik
  • Llentab
  • PMC Attachment
  • PMC Cylinders
  • PMC Hydraulics
  • Pimatic
  • Polarteknik
  • Swedrive
  • Optronic
  • UVA Lidkoping

More information:

Dacke Industri’s business concept is to invest in technology companies focusing on development of customer specific components and highperformance systems based on hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, mechanical and software technologies. Dacke Industry is a holding company fully owned by Nordstjernan.

Nordstjernan Ab is a family-controlled, unlisted investment company whose business concept is to be an active owner that creates long-term and positive value for growth.